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How does it work?

Flatsandmates.com allows individuals and estate agents to place both room and room wanted adverts for free + Individuals can also post/ search for Moving Out Sale items. These adverts can then be searched by landlords and room seekers, in the hope they find something suitable and make contact. By registering with Flatsandmates.com you can create an advert online and upload your own text and images. The Adverts are free to contact by all.

In brief, no. You are more than welcome to use Flatsandmates.com without parting with any money, however free accounts do have some limitations. A free account may only have one free advert at any one time.

Flatsandmates.com is not an agency, instead we offer a website which allows people to place classified adverts and contact advertisers direct. Consider us as an introductory service; we will help you find rooms/tenants but we cannot vouch for the suitability of any enquiries, or indeed make any suggestions. Please apply your usual security measures when you make your first contact online.

How can I search Flat adverts?

Searching for Flat adverts can be done by simply entering your desired area into the search box (look for one on the homepage) and clicking 'Search'. You may find that you get too many results, so there are handy filters to refine your search and to find your perfect match.

Similar to Room/ Flat available adverts, users looking for flats also sign up and post their ads. Simply search for Mates in your preferred area.

Rather than bookmarking all the adverts you're interested in or writing down their link, it's much easier to 'favourite' an advert. To save favourite adverts you must register with the website, then after this you can save as many adverts as you wish to your favourites and access them anytime you login.

Out of date adverts

We do our very best to try keep the adverts in our system current, but there will unfortunately always be one or two that are no longer available. We rely on our users to update their advert when it's no longer required, but with busy schedules this doesn't always happen. All free adverts expire after 30 days. If you come across an advert you know is no longer current, you can report it to our team using the 'report advert' button and we will look into it and update the advert accordingly.

Creating an advert is as simple as typing into your computer. If you're not already registered with the website, the 'place an advert' page will help you do that also at the same time. Please enter your details as accurately as possible and if you can, upload a picture; pictures drastically increase response rate and can be easily uploaded from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you have an advert offering a single room, then simply delete the advert from 'My Listing' when the room has been let. However, if your advert contains more than one room to rent, then you should edit your advert to update the status of the different rooms. Simply go to either Dashboard or My Listing to edit your advert.

How do I Edit my advert? You need to go either to the Dashboard or My Listing section after signing in. You will be able to Edit your text as well as your images.

Individuals can place 1 free ad in each of the sections - Flat Wanted, Mate Wanted and Move Out Sale. Estate Agents get 5 ads each in Flat Wanted and Mate Wanted. They cannot post in Move Out Sale. We ask our users to not abuse the system by creating multiple accounts to by-pass this limitation. Anyone caught being cheeky and trying to cheat the system will be dealt with strictly.

After signing up, you simply click on the Contact button and you'll be able to see the advertisers co-ordinates.

How does the Buddy Chat work?
We have created this platform for your convenience. Simply buddy up with a Mate looking for accommodation in the same locality as yours and get better options to explore. Once you sign in, you can chat with your buddy right on Flatsandmates.com itself.

What is 'Add Blog'?
This is your chance to get featured and earn rewards. If you are good with words and a grammar nazi too, you can send us your blogs and we'll be glad to feature you and reward you for your efforts as well. The blogs must connect with the raison d'être of Flatsandmates.com