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Empowering your home search process

Flatsandmates.com understands that finding a home to call your own is not an easy process. We make finding rental accommodation or PG accommodation a relatively easy process for one and all in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and other cities. Our straight-forward and uncomplicated website supported by our vast social media platforms allows you to find a house on rent without much stress. We are well equipped to furnish choices of rental furnished or unfurnished flats for families, student community or corporates, freelancers, professionals who want to opt for flatshare or roomshare instead of going for renting the whole property which works out to be expensive. Moreover, in today's practical world, a flatmate or a roommate not only provides companionship but also shares the expenses of living in a metro city.

The corporate world is a fast-moving place where job switches entail residence-shifting on short-notice that doesn't leave us enough time to hunt for your dream home. On-ground reality is that there are too many constraints like monetary, security, spatial and comfort that demotivate you from house-hunting all by yourselves. Plus the nexus of brokers is something that many of you wish to avoid. How you yearn to find a rental accommodation that reminds you of your own home.. your abode where you want to go and relax after a long tiring day and roar in love and laughter with your friends and family. Count on us to help you find a home on rent that gives you every reason to celebrate and rejoice in the joy of having a place to call your own. Our continuous effort is to add rental properties of all sizes and types to suit all kinds of budget and spread across areas. Besides, we have made an obvious demarcation between a 'no-brokerage property' and a 'with-brokerage property'. This makes sure that the circle of choice is quite wide.

For home owners, we provide you a reliable and FREE platform to advertise your homes and help you connect directly with potential tenants/ lessees thus boosting your income.

For those looking for a flat/ accommodation, the direct connect with home owners or flatmates/ roommates helps you too to avoid the cost of brokerage that pinches the pocket. This helps you keep up to your budget and helps you find the perfect home that is comfortable, budgeted and offers you the best of luxuries and amenities.

We are passionate about simplifying your home search process and with a strong social media presence, our website facilitates easy, safe and secure contact to a host of properties across all the major cities in India. You can either click on 'CONTACT' or send a 'BUDDY REQUEST' to the advertiser and make use of our CHAT feature to chat right on the website. Your details are safe with us and we do not pass them on to whoever clicks on the CONTACT icon until and unless you receive the enquirer's information first.

Our 'Move Out Sale' section further helps you source the necessary pre-cared equipments and furniture in case you do not want to spend on new items.

Flatsandmates.com is a one stop solution for all rental apartment needs whether you choose to live as PG or share your apartment with a flatmate or take the whole property on rent. Count on us and be sure to share happy rental stories with your friends and family dating back to the days when you first left your city for higher education or better job opportunities.

Log on to www.flatsandmates.com to experience the easisest!