Moving can be a stressful experience, but with prior planning, some of the stresses can be alleviated. Things to consider once you have confirmed that you are moving include:


Once you have found somewhere to move into, contact your existing landlord and tell them that you will be moving out. Remember that you may have to give a certain amount of notice as stipulated in the tenancy agreement, but ensure that this ties in with moving into your new property as this will eliminate storage costs.


Begin by sorting your possessions, decide what items you want to take to your new property and don’t be afraid to throw away things that you will never use again.

Some of the possessions may have some value so consider selling them on eBay or at a car boot sale.


Moving into a new property can be hectic, so it is advisable to take a couple of days off work to focus all of your efforts on getting things organised.


Ask friends and family to help with things such as packing, unpacking and transporting your belongings to the new property. If you have too many items for a couple of car journeys you may wish to consider getting a removals company to help, remember to get quotes and book in advance.


One of the biggest challenges when moving home is remembering who you need to tell that you have changed your address. We have compiled a list of companies and organisations that you may have to tell:

  • Insurance - Home, Contents, Life
  • Utilities - Gas, Water, Electricity
  • Finances - Bank or Building Society, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Loans, Savings, ISA’s, Debt Management, Pension Plans
  • Medical - Optician, Doctor, Dentist
  • Government - Electoral Register, Council Tax, Benefits
  • Recreation - TV License, Satellite and Cable, Telephone (Landline and Mobile), Gym Memberships, Social Clubs
  • Motoring - Driving License, Car Insurance, Breakdown Cover
  • Redirect Post
  • Employer
  • Inland Revenue
  • Schools
  • Library
  • Solicitor
  • Store (Club) Cards
  • Family and Friends
  • Cancel delivered products

If you get newspapers or milk delivered, remember to cancel these or ask for them to be delivered to your new address if it is within the same area.