It is finally WINTER in Bombay! What a mind-ich-blowing weather!!! (Yes I am an ardent Ranveer fan now.) It is simply an awesome feeling to not feel the sweat and humidity, to be able to bear the sun and surprisingly find it pleasant, to wear 2 layers of clothing, to smoke without smoking, to apply Nivea or Pond's cold cream (take your pick), to get those woolies out (finally!). Oh what a feeling that lasts not more than 30 days max a year.

Well, now is the time to do things that you would enjoy with heightened senses and not any other time of the year.

1. Eat winter foods

Try to get your hands on all the winter specialities that are normally not available around the year. It could be Undhyu, Gajar Halwa, Jeevan, Methi thepla, etc. Many restaurants/ individuals have winter food festival from whom you could order. Besides, pleasure it also has health benefits and helps you balance out the cold with the hot.

2. Take a dip in the pool

Yes take up that challenge or launch it on social media! That first dip in the pool on a cold winter morning is EXHILERATING! Err.. referring only to the BOMBAY WINTER.. Try elsewhere at your own risk ;)

3. Go to a hill station

Bombay is blessed to have beautiful hill stations around. Winter is the best season to explore these hill stations. Go camping, trekking, hiking or just plain lazying and enjoy this wonderful weather. Have a hot cup of kullad chai with mast pakodas or bhajiyas. Maggi fans, this is the best time of have garma garam Maggi!

4. Go on a crazy winter morning bike ride

Hell yeah! Another challenge! Do it without layers and feel the chill and energy. There are some great routes just on the outskirts of Mumbai that you can try. Join some bikers' community - there are plenty - and join your kind.

5. Take out your sail boat! Err.. rent it by the hour

A winter run in the sail boat on the shores of Mumbai is an experience at another level. You get a lot of them at the Gateway of India. With the backdrop of the iconic Taj Mahal hotel and the Gateway of India, it is a worthy experience with an unforgettable vista of Mumbai shores. If wallet permitting, go to the Sea Lounge of Taj Hotel after the sail for a hot cup of chai and admire the view of the Bom'bay'.